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The most important things in life don’t come easy. Besides protecting your family, shielding your personal property is a close runner up! Many of the coverages offered by insurers do not adequately protect against the fortuitous occurrences. Looking within our extensive list of affiliated carriers allows us to offer superior solutions to help protect against potential liability exposures. These carriers give us the ability to provide coverages for your various insurance needs, including by not limited to principal house, vacation home, rental dwelling, personal auto, water craft, antique vehicle and boat, umbrella, etc.

Nickel & Saph, Inc. has established itself in relationships with countless families throughout the Metro Detroit Area. Working with our customers to administrate prompt claims, we pride ourselves in helping resolve covered losses of any nature or size. As referred to above a few of the products we offer range from Auto, Homeowners, and Umbrella Policies, all to catch the unexpected circumstances that life many throw your way. A short summary describing the protection each insurance policy provides is listed below:

  • auto insurance – Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability, medical payments, injuries cause by uninsured or underinsured motorists, collisions with other vehicles and objects, and comprehensive damages. Deductibles and coverage limits affording various levels of protection can be present with the intent of crafting a policy that is personalized to your needs.
  • homeowners insurance – your home is potentially your most valuable physical asset. Beyond the monetary investment a dwelling should be a place of comfort and safety. Working with Nickel & Saph’s professionals, we commit to providing quality coverages to protect your home and we commit to working toward the successful resolution of any and every claim so that you and your family can enjoy the comfort of your home as quickly and painlessly as possible after a covered loss.
  • Umbrella – catastrophic claim unfortunately occur and our litigious society exposes each of us to both the potential payment of damages and substantial legal defense exposures . an umbrella policy adds coverage, sometimes necessary for savvier claims, should underlying policies limits of liability become exhausted.

We are always working on behalf of our customer to assure that they are covered for every insurable situation. In the event of an occurrence of claim, our insured can be confident in our commitment to help them navigate the claim process from the beginning to end in a prompt and professional manner.

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