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Running any business can be extremely stressful at times. Good news, the agents and staff here at Nickel & Saph, Inc. are experienced, ready, and able to help relieve many stress point of day-today operations. Many times, insurance is put on the back burner for clients until problems arise. We have made it our job to help proactively address these mishaps! Our experience has attracted clients from all over the state of Michigan. Businesses rely on our expertise in Commercial Insurance due to the specialty factors we bring to the table. Being up to date with the latest trends in the insurance industry helps us in creating a policy for any commercial venture you have established or manage.

We insure a wide range of businesses from partnerships, corporations, LLC’s, sole proprietorships, and S corporations. These businesses consist of a mixture of construction trades, second and third tier auto suppliers, tool + die manufacturers, and a wide variety of service providers. From experience, we know each commercial company is different. As we have been in continuous operation since 1929, we understand the services dilemmas manufacturing companies in Michigan face.

The knowledge obtained from our many years of experience provides continuity to an ever-changing marketplace. Cyber Liability, Patent Infringement, and Employment Practice Liability, are causing major problems throughout the world. Many companies debate on implementing protection for. Businesses are just beginning to learn the extent of damages that can occur through the cyber world. Some protections afforded by way of cyber liability insurance, are security breach and accidental loss or sharing of customer’s personal information. As to patent infringement, there is a liability policy directed towards manufacturers. This protects a business that is working closely with products that have logos or are implementing information from various sources unsighted. The patent litigation insurance will assist if sued, or suing the competition, by covering legal costs behind these actions. It is contemporary problems like these that we pride ourselves on providing innovated and affordable solutions.

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