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Nickel & Saph, Inc. takes pride in offering and coordinating the highest quality risk management services while providing a specifically constructed policy tailored to each customer’s needs. Working hand and hand with a variety of public entities allows us to have a detailed understanding of the exposures that our customers encounter. The relationships we have established over the years have allowed our company to grow by securing appropriate carrier afforded coverage methods to cover many different exposures. One of the greatest advantages for our customers is that they trust their business with professionals that have been around for decades. The agents and professional staff here at Nickel & Saph, Inc. are dedicated to responding in a thoughtful, through, and prompt fashion to all of our customers’ needs.

We have all heard the expression – “Information is King!” How often have each of us been in a situation which we find ourselves having to explain details or process that we assume our audience should already be familiar with? We pride ourselves in possessing a strong working knowledge and understanding of core public sector operations and exposures that our clients’ deal with on a day-to-day basis.

Understanding and being sensitive to the demands placed upon a client to produce certain information that is required for a carrier to generate a proposal, we strive to assist in the collection of information and make this first step in the process an unobtrusive as possible. This phase of a relationship – the initial introduction and information gathering – sets the tone of the relationship going forward. We strive to demonstrate to a new prospect at the outset an understanding of a prospect’s exposures and operations; a respect for the time required by those who are helping us gather the information; and the strict confidentiality that any and all collect information will be treated.

Once given the privilege to represent a client, we commit to prompt response to questions or concerns, monitoring the progress of each claim, and pursuing the best possible coverage at the most competitive price at the beginning of and throughout the term of our partnership.

Our commitment is further demonstrated by the periodic loss prevention seminars that are sponsored by our agency and the availability of educational grants to reimburse costs for approved loss prevention training and certification undertaken by our client’s staff. The link will direct you to summaries of seminars that we have produced in the past.

Collectively, our efforts are designed to create a partnership that is dedicated to supporting the mission and objectives of our valued clients’. Do not slow your roll! Our acknowledged staff is excited and ready to create a specific program to address your insurance and loss prevention needs. To become part of this exciting process, either stop in or contact us today.

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