Mission & Vision Statements

Vision Statement

We, at Nickel & Saph, Inc., sincerely strive to 1) be considered as a valued, professional partner to each and every one of our clients and 2) provide the services, communication, and representation that will help each of our clients accomplish and fulfill their individual missions to the best of their abilities.

Mission Statement

As an independent insurance agency, we commit to add value to the products and services that our customers secure through us from the insurance companies that we represent. By “add value”, we specifically intend to 1) learn about our clients’ needs and exposures, 2) share the information learned about each client in detail with our carrier partners, 3) keep abreast with and communicate to our clients the ever-evolving trends and products developments within the insurance industry, 4) continually seek to expand the professional knowledge base of each member of our agency team, 5) strive to recommend the best possible coverage solutions at the most competitive price, 6) advocate on behalf of our clients the prompt and complete settlement of all covered claims, and 7) respect our clients’ wishes, their confidentiality, and giving thanks every day for being invited to provide our services to them.