Bid & Proposal

Nickel & Saph, Inc. takes pride in offering highest quality risk management services while providing a specifically constructed coverage regarding the customer’s necessities. Working hand and hand with a variety of public entities allows us to have a profound understanding to the exposures that encompass our customers. These innumerable interrelationships that we’ve established over the years have allowed our company to grow by providing panaceas to the many dilemmas created. One of the greatest advantages for our customers is that they are facilitating business with professionals that have been around for decades. The longevity established by Nickel & Saph. Inc. gives us the confidence to respond in a kind, prompt, and adequate fashion.

Being particular in the way we collect our information in order to not consume the customer’s lives with this well-known dreaded process. Comprehending their exact needs presented and preparing an appropriate Proposal for our customers. Upon proposing our bid, the customer will then receive all of the information in an insurance binder. This binder is a representation of the standard our company conducts business. At this time, our experienced agent will then walk the customer through the exact contents of the documents in the enclosed binder. Allowing for any questions and eliminating all arising misinterpretation. This is a few of the many things we do to set ourselves apart from the rest. Always being prepared for the competitive nature of this market, conducting business within the scoop of utmost good faith! This process is either the beginning or continuation of a lengthy relationship, thus, we ultimately highly respect this procedure.

Don’t slow your roll; our acknowledged staff is excited to create a specified policy for your insurance needs. So, to become part of this exciting process, either stop in or contact us today.